Kasautii Zindagii Kay composed Upgrade: Naveen Visits Prerna’s house to pay Rs 5 lakh.


In the latest adventure of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Prerna allotment the Saree that Naveen has accustomed her and says that she will buy a new one for herself back she is not adequate in this one. Prerna gets bent and leaves from there. Naveen follows her but afore he leaves, the boutique agent asks Naveen if Prerna did not like the saree. He replies adage that Prerna is activity to attending admirable in it and asks her to backpack it. Prerna gets into the car and Naveen thinks about Prerna assuming him attitude. He thinks to himself that he will accomplishment up all her attitude already they are married.

Anurag comes for Naveen in his allowance but does not acquisition him there. Anurag notices the saree and knows that she doesn’t like it. He wonders why Prerna asked Naveen to buy it. He thinks Prerna is a simple babe and that whenever she is with him she is all cultured. He is now abashed absolutely knows Prerna. He again wonders if what Nivedita said about Prerna is true. That Prerna is accepting affiliated to Naveen alone for the money. Anurag overhears Naveen talking to addition over the buzz adage that he will anon booty ascendancy over Prerna as she is a bit difficult to handle. Naveen comes out of the ablution allowance and sees Anurag continuing alfresco the washroom. He asks Anurag why is he there. Anurag tells him that his mother has alleged him to altercate some rituals. Naveen tells Anurag that he wants to appearance the saree to Mohini. Anurag is still apprehensive who was Naveen talking to over the buzz back the alarm that came was of addition Naveen had adored as ‘Jaan’.

The abutting day, Prerna goes to her college. Anjali is affronted at Prerna afterwards seeing Prerna’s assurance photos. Anjali asks Prerna about her acumen on accepting affiliated to Naveen. Prerna tells Anjali not to ask annihilation further. Anjali wishes her ‘Goodluck’ and leaves from there. Anurag comes to academy and Prerna takes him abreast to allocution to him. Anurag asks her to accumulate him abroad from all her claimed matters. Prerna notices that the bodyguards are befitting an eye on her. So she takes him to some added place. Prerna asks her accompany to appear out from area they are hiding. They all get into Anurag’s car. They ask Anurag to advice Rohan and Kirti elope and get affiliated back their parents are not agreeing. Anurag refuses to do so but they administer to argue him. Kirti’s ancestors starts afterward Anurag’s car and Anurag gets affronted at Prerna for allurement him to drive fast. Prerna now has a plan and that is they will esplanade the car at a parking capital and pretend like they are activity to watch a movie. Later on the parents of their accompany will attending for them about else.

Naveen receives a alarm from Sidhhant Chaobey. He tells Naveen that he is advancing to Kolkata and Naveen welcomes him. Chaoubey expresses his ambition to do some publicity for his elections. Naveen asks him to appear over to their abode and stay. Chaoubey tells Naveen that his babe Kamolika is already in Kolkata and that they accept appointed a auberge already.

In the meantime, three bodies allocution about Komolika and that they anticipate she is a admirable woman.

Komolika is alien with her clue arena in the background. Naveen tells Chaoubey that he will appointment him in the evening. Chaoubey replies by adage that he will delay for him.

Naveen starts apprehensive why Prerna is not accepting his calls and aloof hopes that she does not breach the wedding. Naveen goes to Prerna’s house. Suman opens the aperture again calls anybody to appear out. Prerna’s paresnts are afraid to see him. Naveen apologises for advancing after informing. He came to allure them for their assurance and again easily over their assurance agenda to Rajesh. Naveen asks Suman to booty Prerna for shopping. Prerna’s mother says that all this is not required. Naveen tells them it is a ritual. Naveen easily over 5 abridgement to Suman and asks them to ask for added money if required.

Naveen walks away. That was his ambush to aloof accord the money to Prerna’s parents and now thinks in his arch that Prerna has to do aggregate that he says back the money has accomplished her fathers’ easily safely.

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