Tumhari Sulu Movie Review



Its a story of a joyful housewife Sulochana, living in Mumbai rural affectionately known as Sulu, lands the part of a night RJ, that brings some unknown changes to her standard life.


There’s a been a current spate of Bollywood motion pictures without its common spectacular sheen with an attention on the lives of white collar class rural Indian families. Promotion chief transformed producer Suresh Triveni thinks about this in his wide screen make a big appearance while composing the story around Vidya Balan as Sulochana or ‘Sulu’, a housewife whose accomplishments aren’t normally significant, yet that doesn’t prevent her from thinking beyond practical boundaries. At the point when given an uncommon open door, her consequent choices and activities influence her better half, child and close family. As a demonstration of Triveni’s capacity as an author, Sulu doesn’t lose her way of life as she encounters the corporate media life as a RJ, strolling the tightrope between her overnight popularity and dealing with her residential requests.

Vidya Balan is totally in her component, injecting Sulu with a plenitude of irresistible confidence without being exasperating. She makes Sulu engaging by drawing out the different shades of a lady who has put her own aspirations on hold due to her family. It likewise helps that she is encompassed by solid exhibitions all around, in those playing her partners and friends and family. Manav Kaul, specifically, is superbly given a role as Sulu’s better half Ashok – a man attempting his best to fulfill his significant other, yet additionally faces work weight that gets avoided into outrage. Additionally, her family isn’t excessively excited about her smooth potential crawls on an evening time demonstrate which fills the show around Sulu’s new profession.

The sudden move from being carefree to a genuine dramatization is to a great extent where the film flounders. Until the point when at that point, there are whole arrangements, particularly with her associates which are altogether engaging yet don’t in the long run signify much. We invest a ton of energy looking through Sulu’s viewpoint, and keeping in mind that there’s a great deal to fun stuff to enjoy there, because of Vidya – this critical clash rises well into the film’s runtime, at a point where her voice is recently beginning to be heard on the planet. Luckily, the tonal movements are not very bumping to disengage from the story which is effortlessly open. A dominant part of the urban people will identify with the difficulties looked by Sulu and her family, as we as a whole battle to experience our fantasies of a superior life. The substance of this story is ‘Fundamental Kar Sakti Hai’, and with such a refined and friendly on-screen character as Vidya Balan ahead of the pack, it is affectionately caught in ‘Tumhari Sulu’ making it an engaging look for the entire family.

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